Multimessage (MM) specialise in the repair of telecoms, networking and data transmission equipment. Certified to ISO9001 quality & 14001 environmental standards our consultant led ‘Life Cycle’ approach to hardware, ensures we extend the life of equipment through repair.

The unique and successful solutions we implement create operational efficiencies for our clients and our ability to deliver is evident as we are key partners to some of the largest manufacturers and telecoms providers.

  • Multi-vendor repair services
  • High quality, innovative, component level engineering
  • Short turnaround time for repair
  • Repair rather than replace, reduce client CAPEX and environmental waste
  • Low BER rate
  • Improve sustainability performance

Multimessage engineers monitor and report common faults, diagnose electronic and electro-mechanical faults, repair and replace faulty components as well as replacing components which may show signs of deterioration and could fail in the future. Our engineer’s product knowledge and experience are key to knowing what to look out for, including common areas of weakness with each type of repair.

We ensure that our ‘beyond economical repair’ rate is kept to a minimum (less than 3%) by extensive engineer training and early fault diagnosis, this is then supported by our stores and purchasing departments who source and store critical components to complete the repair as quickly as possible and ultimately extend the life of the equipment for our customers.

Whilst it can not be guaranteed, when Multimessage are the first repair agent to look at a faulty product, we have the highest chance of repair.

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Maximise Budgets

Hardware support comes with potentially high costs. Outsourcing support of in life equipment to manufacturers is not always commercially viable. Our hardware repair services maximise budgets and ensure you remain in control of spend and keep within budget.

Evolving Technology

Staying at the forefront as technology consistently changes can be challenging. Multimessage continually adapt and provide solutions for customers to support new technology and equipment.

End of Support/ End of Life

As equipment becomes end of support or end of life from manufacturers, it does not mean it cannot be supported after this date. Multimessage specialise in extending the life of hardware by repairing faulty equipment and utilising asset recovery services to reuse equipment and maintain any existing sites.


We understand that as organisations grow, new equipment needs to be supported and in greater volumes, finding a specialist partner to provide the support services to maintain hardware is essential. Look no further, Multimessage can provide a ‘one stop’ solution for all the repair requirements and any logistics assistance to ensure SLA compliance. Our solutions can be scaled up or down as necessary, resulting in a more cost-effective solution for your company.

Our in house facility contains many of the latest diagnosis and repair technologies:

  • BGA replacement
  • Flying probe automatic test equipment
  • LCD bonding
  • Laser etching and cutting
  • Custom jigs
  • PAT testing
  • Environmental chamber
  • EMC chamber
  • 3D printing FDM and DLP

We provide cost-effective expert testing and repair of your equipment. With 30+ years in business, our experience is our biggest asset and why Multimessage is a market leading repair centre. To learn more about our hardware support services get in touch to see what we can do for you.

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