Frequently Asked Questions


What products do you repair?

Multimessage specialise in the repair all the major manufacturers of telecoms, networking, transmission, IT, Radio & retail products.

How long does a repair take?

On average a repair takes 5 working days. Data transmission and core network hardware repair is generally 7-14 days due to complexity of the repairs and testing times.

What is the repair process?

  • Goods in recording, courier, number of boxes/pallets, etc.
  • All items booked on to our database, allocated unique RC ticket per product.
  • Auto assigned to trained engineer.
  • Functional investigation, looking for physical and electrical defects. Engineers follow procedures for each product to determine the fault.
  • Engineer carries out repair depending on fault found.
  • Soak test
  • Clean and factory default
  • Packing and labelling
  • Dispatch to specified address

    Is data erased as part of repair process?

    Yes, all equipment is defaulted to factory settings and all previous data erased. This process is documented in our repair and security procedures.

    How long is the product tested for?

    Every product repaired by Multimessage is subject to a ‘Soak test’. The length of the test is dependent on the product and type of fault. The standard soak test is 24 hours to ensure the reported and repaired fault does not reoccur. Network Transmission equipment will often be soak tested for 2-3 days minimum.

    What if you cannot find a fault?

    The stress and soak tests we have designed in house will normally show if there is a fault on the device. If a fault is not found after 4 days and no fault information has been provided to us then the device is factory defaulted, cleaned, boxed, labelled and returned to the customer. If the device has an intermittent fault which can occur +5 days apart, this should be reported on any paperwork sent in with the device and we will increase our testing time to find the reported fault.

    What happens if my item cannot be repaired?

    On the rare occasion that an item cannot be repaired the item can be disposed of at our premises or returned at the customer’s cost. All equipment disposed of by Multimessage is broken down into material type, shredded and recycled.

    Will I be charged if you cannot repair my item?

    Should an item be unrepairable there is no charge* for our time as long as Multimessage are the first repair agent to attempt the repair and the item is retained by Multimessage to harvest parts for future repairs.

    If an unsuccessful repair has already been attempted by the user or another repair agent this could have caused more damage and decreases the chances of Multimessage repairing the equipment. In these instances a charge for our investigation may apply.

    There will be a charge if the item needs to be returned to the customer, even if the item is not repaired.
    *Exclusions apply to some Network / Transmission equipment

    What does BER mean?

    ‘Beyond economical repair’ is a term used within the industry where a product can not be repaired as the cost to do so would be significantly more than a replacement unit or the unit can not be repaired at all due to the severity of the fault. E.g a power surge causing unrepairable damage to the PCB. Our average BER rate is less than 3%.

    What happens to my equipment if it is unrepairable?

    Items deemed beyond economical repair can be returned to the customer for a small charge handling charge or if Multimessage keep the redundant item there is no charge. In keeping the item, this improves our sustainability and repair yield so we can utilise component and cosmetic parts for future repairs.

    What parts do you use for repair?

    Components used to repair electronic faults will be the original components as used by OEM in manufacture when they are still available. Components which are end of life or we are unable to source will then have a ‘like for like’ replacement used as an alternative. All replacement components are approved by our technical engineering team to ensure the characteristics match the original specification and do not affect the performance or safety of the product.

    Cosmetic parts are purchased for high volume items where available, harvested from BER’s or 3D printed in house by our engineering team if required.

    Who needs to complete an RMA?

    Multimessage are approved repair partners for AVAYA and ERICSSON-LG equipment. RMA forms are only required for these 2 manufacturers as part of warranty management and tracking.

    All other 3rd party repairs do not require an RMA form to be completed prior to sending repairs to us. A purchase order with company details is essential when repairs are chargeable.

    How can you track RMAs?

    RMA’s can be tracked via our customer logistics portal,

    Where to find serial numbers?

    Each device which is not deemed a consumable, should have a serial number. This number is required to determine the warranty status using our RMA process for AVAYA or ERICSSON-LG equipment. The serial number is normally located on the base of the device.

    How can I find a repair price?

    For repair pricing please get in touch for a competitive quote from one of our team. or call 01707 644 480

    Where should I send my repair to?

    Send repairs, with a Purchase order to:
    Multimessage, Units 2-3 Cranborne Road Industrial Estate, Potters Bar, Herts, EN6 3JN

    What warranty do you give?

    The warranty of the completed repair is 12 months. This covers the work carried out as part of the repair.

    What certifications do you have?

    ISO9001:2015 certified repair process, ISO14001:2015 environmental management systems. Cyber essentials.

    How will I receive my item back?

    Following a successful repair, equipment is returned by courier on a next business day service for mainland UK customers. Northern Ireland and European customers on a standard service, likely 2-4 business days depending on customs clearance.

    What is the process for non UK customers for repairs?

    Any items being sent to Multimessage for repair from outside the UK must be exported and cleared as a low value, temporary export on a repair and return basis from the country it is being sent from. Please attach 5 copies of a low value commercial invoice on the outside of the box with your faulty equipment being sent for repair.

    Multimessage clear the goods as a temporary import on a repair and return basis. On completion of the repair(s), goods are then exported as return after repair and matched against the original customs paperwork. This ensures neither party incurs any large import duties which are not applicable to repair and return goods.

    Asset recovery / buy back services

    What is the asset recovery process?

    Send us a list of equipment to be recovered and address of site(s) to Our team will respond to arrange collection and will estimate a potential value or costs if it is deemed to have no commercial value.

    What regions do you recover equipment from?

    Generally, we only provide asset recovery from UK and ROI locations. European collections can be arranged depending on size and equipment type.

    Will I get a breakdown of recovered equipment?

    Yes, this can include serial or asset number if required.

    Will I get a WEEE receipt?


    What happens to the redundant equipment?

    Any redundant hardware is stripped down into material types and sent away for shredding and recycling through the correct WEEE channels and recycling companies.

    Can data be erased before disposal?

    If required, data can be erased before disposal or alternatively Multimessage has suppliers that shred to max 50mm or 6mm where required.


    What warranty is included with refurbished hardware purchased from Multimessage?

    12 months warranty

    What manufacturers do you supply?

    Alcatel-Lucent, Ascom, Avaya, Cisco, Ciena, E-LG, Infinera, Mitel, Nokia, Poly, Siemens, Snom, Unify, Yealink.

    What is the testing process for second user/refurbished equipment?

    Our second user/refurbished equipment follows the testing procedures as set out in our ISO9001 process documents. Our technical expertise, thorough testing and repair capabilities is unique within our field and ensures our customers buy from Multimessage with confidence. All equipment certified by Multimessage is tested under ‘load’ to ensure it’s fully functional.

    What is the delivery lead time?

    Generally, we have equipment tested ready to ship in most cases for a next day delivery. However if it is a high volume order or where equipment has only recently arrived in to stock, there could be 1-2 days lead time for us to complete thorough testing.

    Inventory management & logistics

    What products do Multimessage provide logistics support on?

    Our inventory management and logistics services can be applied to any technology products.

    What is your SLA coverage of parts to site?

    Multimessage can get parts to site for 98% of the UK within a 4 hour SLA.

    Opening hours?

    When contracted to, we provide access to inventory 24/7, 365 days of the year.

    Prestaging & engineering

    What manufacturers / products can Multimessage prestage?

    All major manufacturers, from phones, routers, switches, servers to complete core network nodes.

    What engineering services can Multimessage provide?

    The majority of our engineers are based at our main facility in Potters bar and specialise in component level repair and prestaging. Our smaller team of field engineers are located across the UK to support customer requirements on a range of hardware and systems.

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