Engineering & Prestaging

Engineering & Prestaging

Within the toolkit of our value added services is our engineering department, specialising in supporting planned engineering services, inhouse product investigation and prestaging of customer owned equipment which provides our partners with additional resources and efficiencies when required.

Planned engineering resource

With close partners, Multimessage provide contracted engineering resource. Supporting our customers when increased volume of calls requires a trusted partner to provide an engineer to site. This allows customers to take on new support contracts and grow without the fixed additional overheads.

Testing and product engineering

Our technical engineering team primarily support repair engineers but also provide additional resource to support adhoc customer engineering requests such as:

  • Full product stress testing / Full system validation
  • Common product failure analysis and reporting
  • 3D Printing of obsolete spare parts


Our prestaging services enable partners to roll out network upgrades at a faster rate and enable them to be more efficient. The service facilitates a network rollout by building, pre-configuring and testing the exact network configuration at our facility before shipping to the customer premises as required.

  • Prestaging reduces time on site
  • Simplifies the logistics process
  • Configuring the equipment in a controlled environment prior to shipping to site
  • Reduce network deployment time

Multimessage is a specialist in telecoms logistics, we are experienced and fully resourced to support large scale deployments; network inventory stored, pre-staged and dispatched to site according to project Gantt charts or roll out plans.

Partners choose Multimessage as a trusted partner for prestaging to utilise our highly experienced engineers with vast product knowledge and expertise.

Secure procedures for data protection and security due to bespoke customer configurations are in place and service delivery is ensured through collaboration within the company from account manager, engineering and logistics working seamlessly almost as an extension of our clients.

Maximise Budgets

Hardware support comes with potentially high costs. Outsourcing support of in life equipment to manufacturers is not always commercially viable. Our hardware repair services maximise budgets and ensure you remain in control of spend and keep within budget.

Evolving Technology

Staying at the forefront as technology consistently changes can be challenging. Multimessage continually adapt and provide solutions for customers to support new technology and equipment.

End of Support/ End of Life

As equipment becomes end of support or end of life from manufacturers, it does not mean it cannot be supported after this date. Multimessage specialise in extending the life of hardware by repairing faulty equipment and utilising asset recovery services to reuse equipment and maintain any existing sites.


We understand that as organisations grow, new equipment needs to be supported and in greater volumes, finding a specialist partner to provide the support services to maintain hardware is essential. Look no further, Multimessage can provide a ‘one stop’ solution for all the repair requirements and any logistics assistance to ensure SLA compliance. Our solutions can be scaled up or down as necessary, resulting in a more cost-effective solution for your company.

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