Mobile phone repairs for public sectors

Fast and efficient mobile phone repairs for the public sector with easy-to-access service with full customer support. Receive specialist support in the lifecycle management of ICT hardware and management and repair of public sector smartphones through framework 2022/S 000-025895.

Get simple and efficient smartphone management with our services. By understanding your pain points, we improve the sustainability and efficiency of public sector organisations, help transition to new ways of working and make commercial and operational efficiencies. We’re certified to ISO9001 quality & 14001 environmental standards.

Access full wrap-around solutions including:

  • fault and warranty management
  • mobile phone repair and secure recycling
  • assisting with the distribution of new devices

“Multimessage has always been the company to go to for excellent quality repairs. What a great team of people they have. I would highly recommend them.”
Neil, Ocean Telecom

Why partner with us

  • Full end-to-end logistics
  • Approved supplier to the public sector
  • Fault management using a dedicated portal
  • Industry-leading with 33 years in business
  • Requires very little customer management
  • Repairs completed at our repair facility in the UK
  • Easy onboarding, with supplier due diligence already complete

Reduce carbon emissions & improve sustainability

Globally, 3.5 billion phones were thrown away in 2022 - it is in your power to help reduce this number in 2023. Just over 17% of the world's e-waste is properly recycled.

Partnering with us for repairs will improve not only your sustainability efforts but also the costs associated with replacing smartphones. You’ll help our goal of improving the lifespan of our customers’ devices by spreading the carbon footprint over a greater period of time and reducing electronic waste.

What does it mean to be sustainable?

It’s much more than just looking after the environment. It’s about making sure that your business model and operations are resilient enough to thrive in the long term. It’s about taking responsibility for all of your business impacts and doing your best to mitigate the negative ones.

Key changes to improve your sustainability:

  • Work with a sustainable supply chain
  • Repair and reuse existing devices, rather than replacing them with new devices
  • Partner with a trusted and experienced supplier to outsource the management of devices
  • Limit how often you make new technology purchases and consider buying refurbished devices

Tackling your ICT sustainability challenges

Solve your existing ICT problems with our help to get the right outcome for you. See below for some of the issues you may be facing and how we can help.

Your problem How we help Outcome for you
High capital expenditure on replacement devices Repair, rather than replace Reduce Capex replacing devices
Poor electronic waste management Reduce electronic waste by repairing devices Any E-waste is recycled by Multimessage
Slow to get replacements devices to staff Next day logistics service Improved SLA performance
Resource heavy processes Multimessage provide full fault management Reduced resources required for device management
No ESG reporting Full audit trail of devices repaired and electronics that have avoided become e-waste ESG accountability

“Can't praise Multimessage enough, they are extremely efficient and helpful, providing great comms on progress of deliveries and proof of deliveries etc. Nothing is ever too much trouble. Highly recommend their service.”
Elaine, Maintel Europe

Extend the life of your devices under the public sector framework 2022/S 000 -025895 by partnering with us on your smartphone fault management.

Our expert team is passionate about improving public sector sustainability by transforming your ICT operations, measuring and communicating effectively at each step of the journey. With Multimessage as a partner, together we can help drive business change, because sustainable business is the future.

Download our PDF here on improving smartphone sustainability within government and public services.

How to get your employees’ phones repaired

Here are the steps you need to take to get your phones repaired.

  1. Consultation: Your IT or procurement team will get in touch with us. We’ll provide a quote on your specific devices.
  2. Contract: If accepted, you’ll be introduced to our Framework manager to get a contract reference number.
  3. Repair: Send your phones in and get them repaired to industry standards. We collect from any location in the UK and return the devices back to you.

Alternatively, we can provide an upfront advance replacement for you to transfer the data from one device to another. Send the damaged phone back to us to repair and we’ll put it back into circulation.

Get your phones repaired today

Contact us using the form below. Simply let us know which devices and how many you need repairing, and we’ll provide a quote for you. Alternatively, call or email our friendly experts at:

Tel: 01707 644 480

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