The majority of our Operational Capability is beneath the surface

Repairs, Storage & Logistics for the Telecommunications & IT industry

We offer our partners Bespoke Solutions while staying under the radar

Repairs, Storage & Logistics for the Telecommunications & IT industry

The sign of genuinely Efficient Service is being barely noticed

Repairs, Storage & Logistics for the Telecommunications & IT industry

Repairs, storage & logistics for the telecommunications & IT industry

Receive bespoke solutions for your telecommunication & IT needs with help from our experts. From equipment repairs to critical telecom / IT logistics services such as hardware inventory management, our experts maintain your infrastructure while reducing capital expenditure.

There’s a reason why you’ve probably never heard of us. We operate in the background, making the most complex processes simple, leaving our partners to reap the benefits of increased efficiency, profitability and customer satisfaction.

Multimessage has been a key partner to Maintel for over 10 years, delivering engineering, logistics and configuration services in a professional, timely and cost-effective manner. Their portal has increased the efficiency and reduced the staff interaction required to manage the large number of repairs, projects and stock movements that MM undertake for us.

Mark H - Maintel

Multimessage are a trusted supply chain partner to PSG. From repair to logistical support they always show a professional interest in getting the job done right first time.

Tom M – PSG Networks

5* service every time. Every member of staff goes above and beyond to ensure perfect service is received. Knowledgeable on products and stock, if they don’t have it, they will always source it for us. Very honest and reliable, never left in the dark about orders/collections which allows me to keep my customers happy.

Holly B - Wavenet

I have been dealing with Multi Message for a number of years and found their logistics and repair service to be outstanding. Someone is always available at the end of the phone to assist with any queries. Their repair service is brilliant, offering a competitive repair price and quality. If they don’t have an item in stock they will do their best to source it at a reasonable price.

Eric A - Maintel

Their service is outstanding, providing fast turnaround for both in-warranty and out of warranty repairs. Using the Multimessage portal, our resellers can easy see if a product is still in warranty and arrange for it to be returned...Partnering with Multimessage means we can concentrate on new sales and support, knowing that handling of warranty and repairs is being professionally managed.

Tim B - Pragma

Fantastic service / repair options offered by Multimessage repair. Have used them for years, helped me to get out of a few sticky situations, Staff are always helpful and go out of their away to get the job done for you.

Neil W – Ocean Telecom

The Multimessage team are always great to deal with, and always do such a great job of repairing any items we sent them that I cannot praise them highly enough. A quick service but also a good service not something you get at a lot of places anymore!

Mark R - Orbiss

Multimessage have always been the company to go to for excellent quality repairs with a superb swift return of items we send them. They are always on hand by phone to answer questions and help with your repair enquiries. What a great team of people they have. I would highly recommend them for any telecom repairs you have.

Neill R - Teleconnect Services

Improved performance & increased efficiency

Supporting the full product life cycle, our bespoke service allows you to increase efficiency, performance and create a competitive edge to deliver better service. With over 30 years of experience, we are the market-leading repair centre and can provide you with the expert knowledge and service you need to improve your business.

We provide pre-staging and project management, multi-vendor hardware repair, telecom spares sourcing, maintenance stock/hardware inventory management and asset recovery projects.

Why partner with us

By partnering with us, you’ll receive real benefits to your business.

  • Soak testing. Soak testing is the process of testing equipment for a prolonged period to either replicate an intermittent fault or to ensure the repair of the initial fault found has been successful and no further faults occur.
  • Stock integrity. Procedures used to provide real time visibility and traceability of inventory available as part of your portfolio to meet the requirements of the business.
  • Reduced costs
  • High repair yield. Our leading repair expertise ensures that very few items are deemed as un-repairable.
  • Multi-vendor repair. Our ability to repair a wide range of manufacturers and equipment types enables us to provide a ‘one stop shop’ to our customers/partners.
  • Outsourced logistics. Specialists in the management of technology products, our services help our customers stay competitive by optimising their logistics strategy.
  • Improved sustainability. Repair and reuse, reduce electronic waste, reduce carbon footprint.
  • Short turnaround times. An efficient repair process with quick turnaround times ensures that equipment is available within a timely manner, reducing the total volume of maintenance stock required.
  • Reduced capital expenditure. Repair faulty equipment and reduce new hardware purchases
  • Extended lifespan of devices. Keeping devices in circulation for a longer period of time, improves sustainability, reduces the carbon footprint over time and reduces the capital expenditure to replace devices.

Extend lifespan, High repair yield, Improve sustainability and reduce costs

Soak testing, Multivendor repair, Short turnaround

Stock integrity, outsourced logistics, reduce capex

Want to know more?

Not to worry, simply contact our friendly team of experts about your telecommunication, IT repair, maintenance and inventory management needs and we’ll be more than happy to help.

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