Ascom Repairs Support Service

Ascom is a global solutions provider of ICT, mobile workflow and communication systems focused on healthcare, retail, hospitality, and manufacturing.

MM provides repair services for Ascom mobile devices and supported hardware. As a business we pride ourselves on solving difficult problems and providing simplicity for our customers. Our engineering team tackles complex repairs on Ascom equipment providing solutions for our customers in a timely manner. Ascom dect handsets are robust by nature, but they can get a lot of physical abuse by falling out of pockets or being dropped etc. Our Ascom handset repair services are based on many years of experience and our engineers have a very high repair yield.

Our skilled engineering team diagnoses faults, repairs to component level and ‘soak tests’ in our reference systems with traffic monitored to ensure any reported fault does not recur - providing peace of mind and trust in our repair service.

MM repair capabilities for Ascom products

  • Ascom 9D24
  • Talker (9D24-ABABA)
  • Messenger
  • Protector
  • Atex Rated
  • Raid2 Models (RAID2-AAAAA/1E)
  • Ascom D81 (DH5-AABAAA)
  • Ascom i62
  • Plus many of the different variants which are Ascom hardware, rebadged and bespoke software and sold by other manufacturers.

We have tailored our repair process and invested in spare parts to be able to refurbish Ascom dect handsets as part of our focus on getting a better-quality product back to the customer.

Repair support services for your Ascom dect handsets

Our repair capabilities are based around customer demand. If a product range you’re looking for is not listed above, please contact us and we’ll be happy to review any request and discuss the opportunity to support your requirements by investing in new test systems, with a view to increasing our repair and support capabilities for Ascom or similar dect/mobile devices.

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