Huawei Networking Repairs Service

Huawei enterprise networking systems provide intelligent IP network solutions tailored to campus network, data centre network, WAN, and network security scenarios.

MM provides swift, effective Huawei hardware repair and maintenance services to data centres and companies of all sizes and types - right across the UK. As a business we pride ourselves on being able to solve difficult problems, providing simplicity for our customers. Our engineering team obsessively tackles complex repairs on Huawei network equipment, getting it back online as quickly as possible.

Huawei network hardware maintenance experts

Our skilled engineering team is able to diagnose faults with Huawei network hardware, repair it to component level - and ‘soak test’ in our reference systems while monitoring traffic to ensure the reported issue does not re-occur. This approach to repair and maintenance issues helps ensure a long-term fix, and the continued protection of your capital expenditure.

Huawei repair and maintenance: models we work with

  • Huawei S1700 SMB
  • Huawei S2700, S3700, S5700 Campus Switches
  • AR1200 / AR2200 / AR3200 Series Routers

Does your organisation operate a piece of Huawei network equipment not listed above? Why not get in touch and tell us about it - we may still be able to help. After all, here at MM we are constantly seeking to expand our repair capabilities.

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