Extreme Networks Repair Services

Extreme Networks is an end-to-end enterprise networking vendor, providing agile, reliable, and secure cloud-driven enterprise network solutions. Extreme networks purchased the Avaya Networking business in 2017.

MM provides Extreme Networks repair services to facilities and companies of all sizes and types - right across the UK. Our team’s depth of knowledge and experience means we can resolve the most challenging of faults with Extreme Networks switches and other hardware.

Extreme Networks maintenance: Our approach

Having diagnosed the fault(s), our experienced team will repair the device to component level and ‘soak test’ in our reference systems. We will monitor traffic to ensure any detected issue does not occur again - setting your mind at ease that your Extreme Networks hardware will deliver optimum performance in the long term.

Extreme Networks models we repair:

  • Extreme Summit
  • Extreme Black Diamond 6800
  • Extreme VSP
  • Extreme Ethenet Routing Switch (ERS)
  • ExtremeSwitching
  • ExtremeRouting

Don’t see your particular piece of Extreme Networks hardware on the list above? Do get in touch with our friendly team and we’ll be happy to look at expanding our capabilities with this leading network hardware brand.

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