Data Transmission Repairs

Access repair support for an extensive range of legacy transmission and optical network equipment, whilst also keeping up to date with the latest technology. With MM you can also get the support you need with ongoing network changes. MM supports all the equipment which might be considered as part of the core network equipment. We also undertake end-of-life network equipment repairs for: Ericsson, Force10 (Turin), Huawei, Adtran.

Legacy network equipment repairs

As a business we pride ourselves on solving difficult problems in relation to legacy network equipment repairs - providing simplicity and peace of mind for our customers. Our engineering team tackles all manner of complex legacy repairs to provide a swift, effective solution for our customers.

Our skilled engineering team diagnose faults, repair to component level and ‘soak test’ in our reference systems with traffic monitored to ensure any reported fault does not recur. The result is that you get peace of mind and trust in our repair service knowing our focus is on quality and service.

End-of-life/legacy MM repair capabilities

  • Ericsson MINI-LINK TN, MINI-LINK 6600
  • Force 10 – Turin
  • Huawei – BWS1600G, Metro 6100, UA5000
  • Adtran SDX 600, 2000, 6000, 8000 Series

Our repair capabilities are based around customer demand. If a product range you’re looking for is not listed above, please contact us and we’ll be happy to review any request and discuss the opportunity to support your requirements by investing in new test systems and increasing our repair capabilities.

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