Recover the value in decommissioned network hardware

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Multimessage asset recovery and buy back services provide customers with a simplified process to receive a financial return on surplus or decommissioned network hardware.

This process forms part of our lifecycle business model.

Do you have surplus network equipment?

Decomissioned network hardware?

Ciena 6500, Infinera DTN-X, Nokia 1830,

Multimessage will offer to buy back or resell this on your behalf with commission share.

All major network equipment manufacturers supported:

Alcatel-Lucent, Nortel / Ciena, Cisco, Infinera, Nokia, Ericsson

Resell/Reuse of network equipment forms part of a sustainable, circular economy within the telecommunications industry and also helps our partners finance new projects by recovering any value in old/upgraded equipment.

Get in touch to explore the opportunities available within your surplus network hardware.


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