Keeping repairs local

Total shipping emissions, based on a multi-year average, account for 2.8% of greenhouse gas emissions worldwide with international shipping emissions accounting for 2.4% of all greenhouse gas emissions.

Multimessage promotes repair services and logistics as part our mission to drive efficiency and improve sustainability for our customers. Repair and reuse rather than replace, inventory managed and located closer to site to reduce transport emissions getting parts to and from site.

Using our services will improve sustainability but it is also worth considering, what is the environmental impact of your faulty equipment if it is sent Internationally for repair: 

With data from tree-nation we calculated the carbon emissions for a 1kg (dimensional weight) item being shipped from the UK to a central european country potentially emits up to 180g of CO2.

#Shoplocal is a campaign or phrase often used to promote local small business' in the consumer market. It might not be as easy to shop as local as this campaign suggests in regards to having telecommunications equipment repaired but ensuring you use a repair partner within the UK will avoid the unneccessary carbon emissions generated from faulty equipment sent overseas for repair. There are skilled and experienced repair business' in the UK able to support all the UK demand for electronics repairs.

Multimessage is a industry leading repair centre, specialising in telecoms, networking and data transmission repairs.

There are very few products on the UK market that Multimessage can not repair.

So we ask:

Resellers/Distributors, have you considered 3rd party repair agents rather than the OEM repair route?

Manufacturers, why don't you partner with a repair agent within the UK who will likely thrive on the opportunity and can improve your sustainability and turnaround times.

The quality of an electronics repair from Multimessage is of the highest standard and as we repair rather than replace there is limited electronic waste created by our repairs processes.

Get in touch today to reduce your carbon footprint of your repairs.


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