Efficiency through automation

Automation is designed to reduce human involvement and improve efficiency and productivity of repetitive tasks.  The reduction of human input should not be seen as a threat to jobs, rather it should be a supplement to allow IT staff to focus on more complex jobs and solutions rather than the day-to-day tasks.

Fault management, stock integrity, logistics, repairs, warranty management are all processes that Multimessage have identified as tasks that we can automate for our customers. This automation, through API and/or allowing partners end user customers direct access to raise fault or repair tickets within our systems reduces the load on our partners.

The benefits:

Reliability – The reduction in human input, reduces the chances of errors. API links ensure the data from partner systems is transferred to Multimessage seamlessly and new tickets raised without any user input errors often seen in repetitive tasks. All jobs are processed the same every time, all parties have precise understanding of processes, updates and workflows ensuring positive outcomes.

Greater productivity - Staff can spend more time on more complex tasks that have a bigger impact on your customers or your business and therefore aiding growth or customer experience.  

Control – Automated tasks only need to be monitored and the reduction in people involved simplifies the management and knowledge gaps are reduced.

Simplicity is at the heart of the solutions provided by Multimessage. The wealth of experience gained by supporting the Telecoms/IT channel for over 30 years ensures solutions that are truly efficient. We have a prestigious list of channel partners that have streamlined their processes and onboarded mergers and acquisitions quickly and efficiently by working with us.

Get in touch today to discuss how we can make your business more efficient through automation.


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